U.S. Open Golf Leads TV Watch-Time for June 12-18

The golf championship accounted for over 4% of all live, linear TV watched last week, per Inscape.

U.S. Open Golf Leads TV Watch-Time for June 12-18
Photo by Steven Shircliff / Unsplash

After weeks of dominating Inscape's ranking of the most-watch TV programs, the NBA finals has been dethroned. In its place? The 2023 U.S. Open Golf Championship, which accounted for 4.28% of all live, linear minutes watched June 12-18.

Some additional insights about the week's top programs and networks:

  • Baseball, both MLB and the men’s college world series, make the top ten programs by watch-time, with 0.90% and 0.75% viewership shares, respectively.
  • Celebrity Family Feud jumps into the ranking at No. 15, fueled by rerun marathons across BET, ABC and BET Her. The new season premieres July 9.
  • On the network side of things, fueled by the U.S. Open, NBC snags first place on the network ranking with 7.83% of minutes watched, up from third the previous week. As a result, both ABC and CBS are bumped down a notch.
  • Paramount Network and USA Network had the biggest ranking increases compared to the previous week: USA Network moves from No. 14 to No. 9 with 2.10% of minutes watched, thanks in part to the U.S. Open. Paramount lands at No. 17 (up from No. 24) with 1.30% viewership share, fueled by reruns of Yellowstone and Two and a Half Men.