Revry: LGBTQ+ Viewers Go for the Drama

Drama was the top genre of Revry programming, accounting for 54% of total watch-hours January through March, 2024.

Revry: LGBTQ+ Viewers Go for the Drama
Photo by Cecilie Bomstad / Unsplash

As the only global streaming service that caters to LGBTQ+ viewers, Revry has the unique position of being able to surface content preferences and viewership trends specific to the queer community. These types of insights can help advertisers craft authentic messages to engage this audience — and indeed, as Revry’s Q1 Programming Viewership Analysis points out, authenticity should be a key part of any strategy. 

  • Drama was the top genre, accounting for 54% of total watch-hours from January 1 through March 31, 2024. This reflects “a strong viewer preference for emotional and narrative depth.” 
  • Looking at sub-genres, dramatic romance is a favorite (25.9% of total watch-time), while romantic comedies comprised 16.4% of hours watched. 
  • Three films in particular resonated with the lesbian audience segment: The Sleepover, After School and The Exchange.
  • Revry says advertisers should craft campaigns with authentic narratives that incorporate relatable characters and scenarios, while being sure not to resort to stereotypes.