NBA, NHL Lead For TV Watch-Time

Per Inscape, NBA playoff games captured 5.53% of all live, linear minutes watched on TV from April. 17-23.

NBA, NHL Lead For TV Watch-Time
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

For the second week in a row, NBA basketball leads Inscape's ranking of the most-watched programing on TV. Playoff games racked up a 5.53% viewership share from Apr. 17-23, up from 3.99% the previous week. NHL, also in the post-season, takes second place with 1.68% of minutes watched.

Some additional insights about the recent top programs and networks on TV:

  • Thanks to multiple marathons on Bravo, Below Deck sails from No. 31 to No. 16, accounting for 0.49% of minutes watched during the week.
  • American Idol also has a notable week-over-week jump, landing at No. 11 from No. 21 previously.
  • On the network side of things, ABC retains first place with a modest week-over-week increase in watch-time, up to 7.34% from 7.29% previously.
  • TLC is the sole week-over-week newcomer to the network ranking, landing at No. 25 with 0.91% of of minutes watched.

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