Donatos Pizza Captures Bigger Slice of Customer Engagement

Membership engagement rates increased by 23% with Marigold loyalty rewards program.

Donatos Pizza Captures Bigger Slice of Customer Engagement

A recent case study from Marigold highlights how zero-party data personalization can be more effective than a simple deep discount when it comes to engaging and retaining customers.

Donatos, a family-owned pizza business in the Midwest, used Marigold’s Cheetah Digital to launch a new loyalty program based on customer-specific details like favorite menu items, dietary preferences and other data that led to offering on-demand rewards customized to each account.

With multiple ways for customers to accrue points, a badge system to reinforce desired behavior and location-specific offers, the new loyalty program was a success and quickly surpassed Donatos’ performance goals. In 2022 alone, it added nearly 135k new members to its loyalty program.

Donatos also experienced success in several other areas:

  • By February 2023, membership engagement hit an all-time high of 51.4%, a year-over-year improvement of 23%.
  • An increase from 8% of members earning and using their earned rewards to 19%, with an average of 3 million points per month redeemed for on-demand rewards.
  • 10% of active members are responsible for 31.5% of the company's total net sales.
  • 98k+ transactions attributed to on-demand rewards.

Learn more and read the full case study here.