Do Cable News Viewers Still Care About Trump's Indictments?

So far, arraignment days have seen more cable news tune-in than indictment days, per Inscape.

Do Cable News Viewers Still Care About Trump's Indictments?
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

August brought not one, but two new indictments for Donald Trump. That makes four in under five months, but who's counting anymore? (This Thursday, the former president is set to voluntarily surrender in Georgia and pay the $200,000 bond, checking off arraignment #4).

How much of a 'Trump bump' is cable news getting with all this? Inscape examined viewership trends for CNN, Fox News and MSNBC over the last few months as all of this has gone down.

  • Notably, viewership was higher across the board on arraignment days vs. indictment days, perhaps because people were more interested in hearing how Trump would react and plea than learning the nitty gritty details of the charges themselves.
  • Fox News captured more tune-in than CNN and MSNBC by a wide margin, sometimes with a 2-3x higher viewership share, while MSNBC scored slightly higher viewership than CNN for each of the indictment and arraignment days.
  • Per, so far in 2023, CNN’s audience (based on median TV ad impressions) skews just slightly younger: 50 to 54 years old, vs. Fox News and MSNBC which both have a median age range of 55-59 years old.