U.S. Open Finals See YoY Viewership Share Increase

Although total tournament watch-time was down year-over-year, the men's and women's finals captured a larger viewership share vs. 2022, per Inscape.

U.S. Open Finals See YoY Viewership Share Increase
Photo by Renith R / Unsplash

Although overall watch-time for the full 2023 U.S. Open tennis tournament saw a slight decrease year-over-year, viewership for the days of the women's and men's singles final both saw increases vs. 2022.

According to data from Inscape, the tournament accounted for 1.86% of all live, linear minutes watched Aug. 28 through Sept. 10, 2023, down from the 2.06% share captured by the 2022 tournament. Both years it ranked third among all programs on TV by watch-time, behind college football and the NFL.

For the day of the women's singles final (Sept. 9), the U.S. Open captured a 1.39% viewership share, almost double that of the 2022 women's final day (0.76%). The day of the men's final captured 0.85% of watch-time, up from 0.77% in 2022.