The Personalization vs. Privacy Balancing Act

Insights from Marigold's 2024 U.S. Consumer Trends Index

The Personalization vs. Privacy Balancing Act

By the end of this year, Google Chrome is expected to fully phase out third-party cookies — and their demise signals a fundamental shift in how brands collect consumer data. Marigold’s 2024 U.S. Consumer Trends Index points out that a thoughtful direct-to-consumer approach to solicit zero-party data will be paramount as a heavier emphasis is placed on data privacy. 

Satisfying consumer desire for personalization doesn’t necessarily need to be based on indirect tracking tools and location-targeted ads, which Marigold’s study found to be considered “creepy” among U.S. consumers. 

A few stats that brands should keep in mind as they craft customer relationship strategies going forward: 

  • 81% of U.S. consumers find personalized birthday offers to be “cool.” 
  • 77% enjoy product recommendations that align with past purchases.  
  • 74% of U.S. consumers like it when brands remind them via email about abandoned items in online shopping carts. 
  • One simple best practice is to offer a preference form that covers opt-ins and outs for data usage and a checklist for the types of messages contacts

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