Subaru Snags Top Spot of Most-Seen Auto TV Ads

National TV ad impressions for the commercial increased 12.2% week-over-week, per iSpot.

Subaru Snags Top Spot of Most-Seen Auto TV Ads
Photo by Sonny Mauricio / Unsplash

A Crosstrek Wilderness commercial racked up 232.5 million national TV ad impressions, making it the most-seen automotive ad on TV for Sept. 4-10, according to data shared with WardsAuto. Broadcast networks (NBC< CBS and ABC) delivered top impression counts for the ad.

  • A Chevrolet Silverado spot with 228.2 million national TV ad impressions slips from first to second place, with Fox News as the top impressions-generating network (34.7 million, 2x the No. 2 network, ION).
  • 82% of the impressions for the third-place Hyundai Kona commercial came from primetime ad airings, particularly NFL and college football.
  • The No. 4 spot from Ram had an 88% brand match (the percentage of survey respondents who remembered it was a Ram Trucks ad after watching it), above the recent automaker industry norm of 78%, per iSpot’s Creative Assessment.