Ram Touts Summer Fun in Most-Seen Auto TV Ad

The ad received 243.3 million national TV ad impressions, per iSpot

Ram Touts Summer Fun in Most-Seen Auto TV Ad
Photo by Nezar Bani Nasur / Unsplash

A Ram Trucks ad rises from fourth to first place week-over-week on iSpot's latest ranking of most-watched auto TV ads, raking in over 243 million national TV ad impressions.  The top impression-generating network was NBC, which delivered 31.8 million impressions — more than twice as many as MSNBC, the second-place network.  

  • Subaru owns two of the top five auto commercials (No. 2 and No. 4) with a combined 364 million impressions.
  • Chevrolet's Barbie movie tie-in ad for the Blazer EV stays in third place week-over-week with 183.1 million impresisons, a 16.2% increase from the previous week.
  • Alfa Romeo's enduring spot for the Tonale rounds out the ranking. A third of its 158.3 million impressions came from primetime ad airings. Per iSpot’s Creative Assessment, 30% of surveyed viewers found the visual scenes to be the best thing about the commercial.