NFL Playoffs Take Primetime Audience Honors vs. Emmys

NFL Playoffs Take Primetime Audience Honors vs. Emmys
Photo by Casey Murphy / Unsplash

Monday's Primetime Emmy Awards were one of entertainment's biggest nights. But despite the event's relative success as a production, it still had the tall task of going up against the NFL Playoffs in primetime – leading to a resounding win for wildcard round action.

  • Data from Inscape shows that the NFL Playoffs accounted for 48.27% of primetime watch-time on Jan. 15, as fans tuned into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 32-9 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • On top of the primary feed on ESPN, another 4.2% of minutes watched were dedicated to shoulder programming and alternate feeds (ESPN2's ManningCast) around the day's NFL action.
  • The Emmys had 2.52% of primetime watch-time, which was No. 3 among all programming on the night (behind the NFL and NCIS), but were the No. 1 show on the Big 4 broadcast networks for the evening.