NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft Lead for TV Watch-Time

Per Inscape, NBA playoff games captured 4.50% of all live, linear minutes watched on TV from April 24-30.

NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft Lead for TV Watch-Time

Yet again the NBA dominates Inscape's ranking of most-watched programming on TV, capturing 4.50% viewership share from April 24-30 — a slight decline from the previous week's 5.53%. Meanwhile, the NFL draft accounted for 2.71% of minutes watched, putting it in second place.

Some additional insights about the recent top programs and networks on TV:

  • Inside the NBA saw the biggest week-over-week ranking increase, jumping to No. 22 from No. 38 previously, with 0.42% of minutes watched.
  • Other program ranking newcomers include Law & Order (No. 17), The Golden Girls (No. 24) and NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt (No. 25).
  • Looking at the network ranking, ABC increased its viewership share to 7.49% from 7.34% previously, and remains in first place.
  • While CBS and NBC retain their second- and third-place positions, respectively, both slightly increased watch-time: CBS accounted for 6.75% of minutes watched, up from 6.73% previously, while NBC had 6.08%, up from 5.73%.

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