NBA Leads for TV Watch-Time

Post-season games scored nearly 4% of all minutes watched on TV for April 10-16, per Inscape.

NBA Leads for TV Watch-Time
Photo by Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

NBA basketball jumps to the top of Inscape's program ranking for April 10-16, with the play-in tournament and first two days of the playoffs capturing 3.99% of watch-time for the week.

Some additional insights about the recent top programs and networks on TV:

  • There is notable upward mobility for the bulk of titles on the program ranking — in fact, only three programs decrease chart positions week-over-week: MLB baseball, America Reports and Chicago Fire.
  • Ranking newcomer American Idol lands at No. 21 with 0.41% of minutes watched. It aired two episodes during the week (Monday and Sunday), the second of which was the first live voting show of the season.
  • Speaking of Idol, it along with NBA games helped drive ABC to the top of the network ranking, snagging 7.29% of watch-time.
  • With 2.44% of minutes watched, TNT rockets to No. 7 on the network chart from No. 21 previously, driven primarily by NBA games.

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