Inscape Launches Commercial Feed+ With New Streaming Data

The holistic dataset is part of Inscape’s overarching strategy to modernize TV viewing data.

Inscape Launches Commercial Feed+ With New Streaming Data

Understanding ad effectiveness and the impact of TV commercial exposures is a critical part of audience planning and measurement, but historically viewing data has been fragmented and visibility into streaming environments limited. Inscape wants to change that with the launch of Commercial Feed+, an enhanced dataset that places an emphasis on streaming.

Commercial Feed+, which is built on Inscape’s Emmy® award-winning automatic content recognition (ACR) technology, leverages additional sources of ad creatives and layers in ad detections beyond ACR, which increases commercial exposure visibility across multiple viewing sources including linear and streaming.

All of that, the company says, will help drive more accurate planning and measurement decisions for clients. Commercial Feed+ will also deduplicate TV commercial data, making for easier integration across partners’ internal systems and tools.

An analysis of increased streaming coverage delivered by the Commercial Feed+ found increases in ad impressions and ad hours, and more unique commercial exposures.

Via Inscape

You can learn more about Commercial Feed+ here.