How Food & Beverage Brands Are Harnessing the Power of Creators

CreatorIQ’s new report identifies brands with the largest Share of Influence in H1 2023.

How Food & Beverage Brands Are Harnessing the Power of Creators

Since its beginning, social media has provided a simple and fun way for people to share what they're eating and drinking, and this year it's been no different: According to data from CreatorIQ, over 437,000 creators posted on social media about food and beverage brands in the first half of 2023. Collectively, they published 1.2 million posts, resulting in 75.4 billion impressions and 3 billion engagements, generating $4.8 billion in Earned Media Value (EMV) for the industry.

The top five brands — McDonald’s, Starbucks, Red Bull, Celsius and Oreo — accounted for 15.3% of the overall Share of Influence (as measured by EMV) in the food and beverage category.

  • Of these brands, Red Bull has the most engaged community, averaging six to seven posts per creator and $36.9K EMV each.
  • One of the most effective posts was Supercar Blondie’s exciting Meta video documenting the world’s first helipad plane landing, featuring a Red Bull-branded plane, which generated $313.1K EMV for the brand.
  • Although it doesn’t make the top five brands, Naked Juice is one food and beverage brand making tremendous gains in 2023. This includes a notable 770% HoH increase in EMV, a 23,339% increase in impressions and an 883% increase in engagement. Top creators include the Younes Family, Camila Langley and Nicki Unplugged.

The food and beverage vertical as a whole has posted notable year-over-year growth: Compared to the same time frame in 2022, EMV is up 55%, impressions have increased by 219% and engagements skyrocketed an impressive 505%.

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