Dodge Retakes the Lead for Most-Seen Auto Ad

Yet once again, Subaru is the brand with the highest total combined TV ad impressions in's top-five ranking.

Dodge Retakes the Lead for Most-Seen Auto Ad
Photo by Doug Watanabe / Unsplash

From April 17-23, a Dodge commercial for its new Hornet model generated 191.6 million national TV ad impressions, putting it at the top of's most-seen auto ads chart. Subaru, meanwhile, remains the most-seen brand in the ranking for the third week in a row: It's been increasing investment in "Dog Tested: Soccer Practice," spotlighting the Ascent, and "Crash Safety," which highlights the evolution of safety features in the Forester model.

  • Combined, the Subaru ads had over 359 million national TV ad impressions.
  • Ram Trucks takes third place with a spot that racked up 185.6 million national TV ad impressions. According to iSpot's Creative Assessment, 15% of surveyed viewers considered the music, a song by country singer Lainey Wilson, the single best thing about the ad.
  • Chevrolet's "Big Life" took fifth place (171.7 million TV ad impressions) and was the only spot on the ranking that aired during NHL games.