Data: The European Creator Economy Is Heating Up

In seven of the eight industries CreatorIQ analyzed, top European brands averaged higher YoY Earned Media Value growth than top U.S. brands.

Data: The European Creator Economy Is Heating Up

The influencer marketing industry may have gotten started in the U.S., but these days it’s really taking off in Europe. A new report from CreatorIQ, which examined the top 25 brands in eight key industries across the U.S. and EU from March 2023 to February 2024, reveals that in seven of those, the European brands averaged higher year-over-year growth in Earned Media Value (EMV) than the U.S. brands. EMV is CreatorIQ’s metric for quantifying the estimated value of consumer engagement with digital earned media. 

A few insights across some of the verticals that CreatorIQ analyzed: 

  • Beauty was the only industry where U.S. brands beat EU’s for year-over-year EMV growth, 41% vs 38%.
  • TikTok is driving notable momentum for both regions, but EU brands in particular are reaping the benefits. For example, in the alcoholic beverages category, EU brands averaged a 2077% increase in TikTok EMV year-over-year, compared to U.S. brands’ 130% increase.
  • EU non-alcoholic beverage brands enjoyed an impressive 764% year-over-year increase in engagement, vs the 73% growth seen by U.S. brands. 

Check out the full report here.