Automakers Spent $200 Million on TV Ads in April

Estimated outlay was flat year-over-year, but TV ad impressions increased by 5.7% compared to April 2022.

Automakers Spent $200 Million on TV Ads in April
Photo by Jonathan Gallegos / Unsplash

According to data shared with MediaPost, automakers spent an estimated $200.8 million on national TV advertising during April, nearly a flat rate year-over-year (In April 2022 spend was about $200.8). TV ad impressions, however, were up 5.7% year-over-year, with auto ads receiving 26.4 billion impressions during the month.

  • Brands leading for outlay included Nissan ($21.7 million), Kia ($17.1 million), Lexus ($17 million), Mercedes-Benz ($14.6 million) and Toyota ($13.8 million).
  • Automakers leaned into sports programming, leveraging NBA, NHL and MLB in particular.
  • Dodge, Ram Trucks, Chevrolet and Subaru owned the most-seen ads.
  • Top networks for automakers by share of household TV ad impressions for the month were CBS (7.62%), ESPN (7.30%), ABC (6.23%). TNT (5.42%) and NBC (4.45%).

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