Amazon Gives Queen’s 'Cool Cat' A Major Boost

Amazon Gives Queen’s 'Cool Cat' A Major Boost
Photo by Noah Näf / Unsplash

Amazon’s recent TV ad “Tache” has breathed new life into a deep-cut track from Queen called “Cool Cat” according to data from Songtradr, boosting its Spotify popularity score by over 33%.

Since the ad first aired on March 13, Songtradr data shows the track’s popularity score rose from 42, to its current score of 56. That puts it among the top 44% of songs on Spotify.

Interestingly, the track has not been used in any movie, TV show or video game in the last 15 years, according to data from Songtradr, meaning the sudden spike in popularity is largely driven by the exposure created by Amazon’s ad.

The unique audio selection also gives Amazon an opportunity to create brand affinity all its own with the track – something that could pay big dividends based on the song’s growing popularity on Spotify.

The song scores highly for characteristics like valence (87%), danceability (82%) and energy (39%), which indicates the perception Amazon is aiming to generate with this spot – and perhaps others.

Previous Amazon spots have also chosen upbeat and danceable music. A Whole Foods spot utilized the Du-Ettes’ “Every Beat of My Heart” while Amazon’s Super Bowl ad this year deployed Nancy Adams’s “Love,” Both present similar energy in the backdrop of grocery images. In its Medusa-themed ad from late 2021, Amazon deployed Nicki Minaj’s “Chun-Li,” scoring 76% for danceability, 74% for energy and 47% for valence.