You Want The Truth?

You Want The Truth?
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Everyone needs data today, but what good is that information if it’s inaccurate? Truthset’s new Data Collective is addressing the data validation issue head-on, to help clear up issues like those spelled out below. Among the most glaring – indications around small business owners are accurate just 16% of the time, while voter affiliation is only accurate 67% of the time. Additional findings from across the Truthset Data Collective in Q3 2022:

  • Car manufacturer data is accurate for consumers just 48% of the time — which is actually a quarter-over-quarter improvement.
  • DMA data is accurate 92% of the time… which still means that 8% of all spend based on metro area in the U.S. is completely wasted on people that don’t even live there anymore.
  • Military status is accurate just 33% of the time — which is of particular interest to the many brands that use military service (past or present) as a qualifier for consumer communications.