Netflix Just Signed YouTube's No. 1 Sports Franchise

Netflix Just Signed YouTube's No. 1 Sports Franchise
Photo by Senad Palic / Unsplash

Tuesday's news that Netflix would be the new home of WWE's Monday Night Raw starting in 2025 made waves as a major step into the pool of live sports. And it is for Netflix. But the bigger impact may come from the potential audience Netflix is acquiring by going outside of its typical viewers.

  • Data from Tubular Labs shows the WWE was the No. 2 U.S. sports media & entertainment creator in Dec. 2023, with over 117 million unique viewers across YouTube and Facebook.
  • But from a watch-time perspective, the WWE was No. 1 by far, with 2 billion minutes watched across YouTube and Facebook (nearly double the NFL at 1.1 billion).
  • The biggest deal here, though, could be how unique this audience is relative to Netflix's – Tubular data shows the YouTube overlap between Netflix and the WWE was under 3% last year, which could equate to a big subscriber boost for the streaming service, and expanded messaging reach for advertisers.