Workwear Videos Win With Fashion Audiences

Workwear Videos Win With Fashion Audiences
Photo by Nimble Made / Unsplash

After nearly three years of working from home, no one knows what to wear anymore – and they’re watching YouTube to figure it out. A new Tubular Labs infographic on fashion shares trends around viewership and consumer behaviors, including the discovery that fashion audiences are watching a lot of videos on workwear – despite a relatively low supply compared to other videos in the category. Some additional findings from Tubular:

  • YouTube views about fashion topics are up 32% year-over-year (looking at Oct. 2020-21 vs. Oct. 21-22).
  • Men account for 56% of YouTube fashion viewing, with the 25-to-34 year-old bracket accounting for the largest share.
  • Those that watch fashion videos are also most likely to shop for products by brands like Nivea, Polaroid and Timberland (among others).