When Does Back-To-School TV Ad Season Start? It Depends...

When Does Back-To-School TV Ad Season Start? It Depends...
Photo by Tim Gouw / Unsplash

Back-to-school shopping is now an event that plays out across five months, from May through September, as advertising data from LG Ad Solutions (in a recent report, Commercials & Classrooms, published on TVREV) details. The report also shares more insights around consumer and advertiser behaviors when it comes to back-to-school:

  • While personal electronic ads spike at the start of summer, big box ads peak in late July (right before school years typically start), while clothing and footwear stays relatively steady by volume from late July through September.
  • The study found that 74% of parents conduct most of their back-to-school shopping in-store, with immediate availability of products cited as the primary reason why (48% of in-store shoppers said as much).
  • But for back-to-school shopping at big box retailers, 85% of parents plan to buy online and pick up in-store.
  • According to the report, Amazon was the most popular choice for back-to-school shopping at 60% of respondents – followed closely by Walmart (58%) and Target (53%).