What QSR Brands Served Up on TV in 2023

iSpot's TV transparency report for the QSR industry reveals key stats and trends for 2023.

What QSR Brands Served Up on TV in 2023
Photo by Shaafi Ali / Unsplash

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Not really, according to iSpot’s 2023 TV Transparency Report for the quick-service restaurant industry, which reveals that 99% of estimated national TV ad spend for the category came from a mere 20 of the 150 unique QSR brands that appeared on TV during the year. 

A few more highlights from the report: 

  • In total, QSR brands spent an estimated $1.76 billion on national TV ads, and racked up 334 billion household TV ad impressions. 
  • Wendy’s ranked No. 1 for national linear TV ad minutes (60.2K), but was third for share of TV ad impressions (8.94%), behind Burger King and Subway. 
  • Burger King went big in 2023: It increased its impressions by nearly 40% year-over-year and ended up owning six of the top 15 most-seen QSR ads.
  • Despite not airing ads on national TV, Zaxby’s broke into the top 25 overall QSR brands.

Download iSpot’s full 2023 report for the QSR industry here.