These Were December’s Top Apparel Brands in the US Based on Earned Media Value

These Were December’s Top Apparel Brands in the US Based on Earned Media Value
Photo by Hannah Morgan / Unsplash

According to a recently-released report from CreatorIQ, Fashion Nova racked up $89.7 million in earned media value* (EMV) during the month of December, making it the top apparel brand in the US. Nike was in second place with $61.8 million EMV, followed by SHEIN in third ($37.8 million).

Via CreatorIQ

More from the report:

  • H&M took fifth place with $26.2 million EMV and was one of only two brands that experienced month-over-month EMV increases. Leading the pack in potency and overall EMV for H&M was lifestyle influencer Zoe Sugg, whose 20 mentions powered $1.2M EMV, a significant jump over the $66.9K she generated the previous month.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch was the only month-over-month ranking newcomer, with $18 million EMV for December, a 8% increase from its November EMV and representing 15% year-over-year growth.
  • One notable brand outside the Top 10 was eyewear company Pit Viper. Although it collected a modest $3.1 million EMV, that was a 101% month-over-month increase. Much of the brand’s success stemmed from its sponsorship of stunt driver Travis Pastrana at Gymkhana 2022, a popular stunt event put on by racing brand Hoonigan. Pastrana, who wore Pit Viper’s iconic shades during various stages of the event, generated a notable $647.6k EMV via 25 mentions.

*Earned media value (EMV) quantifies the estimated value of consumer engagement with digital earned media and can be used to evaluate the earned performance of individual marketing campaigns and benchmark brands within the competitive landscape.