These Shopping Categories Score With Soccer Fans

These Shopping Categories Score With Soccer Fans
Photo by Fauzan Saari / Unsplash

With the World Cup just days away, Tubular Labs shares data around what soccer social video viewers are shopping for most (which may perhaps give glimpses into the types of brands that should activate around the World Cup’s TV and digital content). Chief among them? Xbox, which leads the way below by Amazon product category, at least in part due to interest in the EA Sports FIFA video game title.

Among the other points of interest when looking at soccer social video viewer behaviors:

  • This audience has the highest affinity for Sony, HP and Apple products when shopping with Walmart.
  • The most popular search terms among soccer video viewers are actually for specific players: Manchester United’s Luke Shaw (43x more affinity than the norm), Liverpool’s James Milner (42.1x) and Leicester City’s Youri Tielemans (41.1x).