How Taco Bell Spices Up Their TV Ads With Music Choices

Songtradr data reveals how the brand uses a melodic blend of genres and artists to resonate with youthful audiences

How Taco Bell Spices Up Their TV Ads With Music Choices

Taco Bell is known for its iconic sonic logo (the “bong” sound) in ads, but the brand also uses a range of upbeat songs in its spots that align with the product being advertised. This approach has recently expanded from just rock music, now spanning various genres.

Songtradr examined what these song choices have in common – despite genre differences – and how they help to create a uniform brand identity for Taco Bell and its intended audience.

Bludnymph – “FEAST”

  • Used in Taco Bell's top ad of 2023, the 2021 release gained popularity after being used in an episode of Netflix's Heartbreak High, and another bump on TikTok after the Taco Bell commercial aired.
  • The song's TikTok popularity appeals to younger audiences, aligning with Taco Bell's brand goals by using a socially endemic artist and vibrant sonic characteristics.
  • Limited use of the song elsewhere also let the brand carve out a unique association with both the song and artist (who has also pushed the ad herself on social media)
Data provided by Songtradr

Meet Me @ The Altar: “Say It (To My Face)”

  • Another song choice that aligns with Taco Bell's goals, the pop-punk track appeals to younger consumers with high energy (90/100) and danceability (51/100) for their $2 grilled chicken burrito ad.
  • Taco Bell also capitalized on the song's rising popularity, featuring it in ads shortly before the band's performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, highlighting the strategy of synchronizing music promotion with emerging social trends and moments in culture.
Data provided by Songtradr