Automaker TV Ad Spend Continues Summer Slump

The industry spent an estimated $90.2 million on national TV ads during the month.

Automaker TV Ad Spend Continues Summer Slump

There was a 3.8% year-over-year decrease in what the automotive industry spent on national TV ads in July, continuing the downward trend of spend this summer (June saw an 18.1% year-over-year decline compared to 2022), according to

In total, auto brands spent an estimated $90.2 million during the month, led by Subaru which had an estimated outlay of $11.6 million. While spend may have been down, national TV ad impressions were up 14.5% compared to July 2022, totaling 27 billion across all automakers.

  • After Subaru, the top automakers by spend in July were Chevrolet ($9.8 million), Kia ($7.7 million), Ram Trucks ($6.7 million) and Lexus ($6.5 million).
  • July top five brands by share of automaker household TV ad impressions were Chevrolet (11.20%), Subaru (7.93%), Toyota, (7.81%), Lexus (6.65%) and ┬áNissan (6.53%).
  • Alfa Romeo, which didn't advertise in June or July 2022, spent about $4 million on an ad for the Tonale model. Meanwhile, Acura upped its spend year-over-year by +983.9%, with a focus on SportsCenter and reality programming.
  • House Hunters was a big player, delivering 314.3% more TV ad impressions for automakers this July vs. July 2022.

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