Survey Shows Upfront Ad Optimism

Survey Shows Upfront Ad Optimism
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This week on The Measure:

  • Some Ad Optimism Ahead of the Upfronts 
  • Trump vs. Biden on Social Video
  • Caitlin Clark Fuels Earned Media Value for Brands
  • The Streaming Originals Slowdown
  • This Week’s Free Report: The 2024 Upfronts Report, from iSpot

Some Ad Optimism Ahead of the Upfronts

iSpot’s new upfronts survey reveals that 27% of advertisers surveyed expect to spend more during this year’s upfronts than they did last year — and another 54% expect spend to stay the same. [READ MORE]

Trump vs. Biden On Social Video

Tubular Labs found that Trump has almost 2X as many YouTube views around election topics as Biden (while views are split about 53.3% to 46.6% in favor of Trump on Facebook). [READ MORE]

Caitlin Clark Fuels Earned Media Value for Brands

Basketball superstar Caitlin Clark has driven over $784.1K in Earned Media Value for brands since the start of the basketball season, per a CreatorIQ analysis.  [READ MORE]

The Streaming Originals Slowdown

Parrot Analytics data shows streaming originals growth was 7% or higher per quarter in 2021 and 2022, to coincide with an influx of new services, but those rates have declined considerably with Hollywood’s purse strings tightening. [READ MORE]

This Week’s Free Report from iSpot: 2024 Upfronts Report

iSpot surveyed hundreds of senior marketing executives from leading brands, advertisers and agencies to delve into their strategies and expectations for this year’s TV upfronts, along with the challenges and opportunities in streaming measurement.