Social Video Trends' Window Of Opportunity

Social Video Trends' Window Of Opportunity
Photo by Yan Berthemy / Unsplash

Finding social video success next year is equal parts planning, and knowing what you're planning against. In its 2023 lookahead identifying key trends around content creation, Tubular Labs highlights some key figures for brands, agencies and publishers to consider. For instance...

  • In a single, three-month period, more than 1.3 million sports-related videos are uploaded across social video platforms.
  • Over the past year, influencer-created content was watched 13.2 times more than media and brand content combined (so it makes much more sense to spend on partnering).
  • It takes just 14 days for trending TikTok sound video views to go from origin to peak, so anyone looking to take advantage needs to move rapidly.

(NAB Amplify also highlights more)