How Shoppable Ad Engagement Changes By Category

How Shoppable Ad Engagement Changes By Category
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Shoppable TV ads can be used at various points in the purchase funnel to fuel consumer shopping actions. New research from LG Ad Solutions reveals how CTV users would engage with shoppable TV ads in various industries (not exhaustive of all ad industries, of course).

  • While shoppable apparel and electronics ads scored very highly with consumers in terms of attention, scanning QR codes and intent to complete purchase, rate of engagement varied widely for other categories.
  • Restaurant ads actually garnered the most attention of the shoppable ad categories surveyed, however, scanning and purchasing were much less likely.
  • Interestingly, TV/film shoppable ads saw attention near 35%, actual scans under 15%, but then close to 30% interest in purchasing.