Shakira, TikTok and How Brands Can Find Similar Success

Shakira, TikTok and How Brands Can Find Similar Success
Photo by Solen Feyissa / Unsplash

Using recent Shakira popularity on TikTok, Songtradr digs into how brands can find similar success, sometimes without even utilizing the original song.

Shakira and Bizzarap’s “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” (or “Out of Your League”) was one of the most-used songs on TikTok earlier in 2023 – according to data from Songtradr – but the Latin hit has yet to be utilized by brands in TV advertising since its early January release.

For advertisers that may want to avoid creating brand confusion with Kroger – or are simply looking for a cheaper alternative – there are options to find similar songs to “Out of Your League.” These tracks can sound like Shakira, and use the song’s 2023 popularity on TikTok as a hook, while also avoiding complete overlap.

For example, Songtradr reveals these characteristics for “Out of Your League,” including higher scores for danceability (78%) and energy (63%).

Using that data, brands can either opt to try and license a Shakira song (or even “Out Of Your League”), or opt for another track that fits a similar profile. [READ MORE]