Ryan’s World Finding Even Bigger Social Footprint

Ryan’s World Finding Even Bigger Social Footprint
Photo by Javier Miranda / Unsplash

Ryan’s World (and predecessor Ryan ToysReview) has been around for nine years at this point, and yet the channel is still finding ways to attract new viewers. Tubular Labs data shows Ryan’s World hit 17.9 million unique U.S. viewers on YouTube in Feb. 2024 (up 37% month-over-month).

  • Domestic minutes watched for Ryan’s World also saw 26% more minutes watched month-over-month in February, to 755.5 million.
  • Both figures were one-year highs for Ryan’s World, as the channel is bucking creator trends overall.
  • Tubular data shows that U.S. minutes watched were down for 15 of the top 20 individual creators (across YouTube and Facebook) by that measure, as shorts are helping fuel larger audience numbers, but also less watch-time in many cases.
  • Ryan’s World is seemingly able to increase both, even while embracing some shorts content as well as longer – more than an hour in length – videos.