Retail Giants Blitz Thanksgiving

Retail Giants Blitz Thanksgiving
Photo by Artem Beliaikin / Unsplash

The holiday shopping season has officially begun, and retailers made the most of big TV audiences during the “Turkey Five.” According to iSpot data, est. national TV ad spend for retail brands rose 6.4% year-over-year during the five-day holiday weekend. TV ad impressions also showed slight dips, down 4.6%. iSpot also shares the most-seen retail brands on TV over the holiday weekend as well.

Some additional findings from the five-day kickoff to the holidays:

  • Etsy was the most-seen DTC retail brand by a large margin, with 25.36% of those TV ad impressions (nearly seven points higher than No. 2 DTC brand, Wayfair).
  • NBC delivered the highest share of retail TV ad impressions during the holiday weekend, at 9.24%.
  • Of course, football played a big role for retail brands over Thanksgiving — the NFL accounted for 12.89% of TV ad impressions, while college football was No. 2 with 3.85%.