'Quiet Quitting' Trends Up With Cable/Satellite Subscribers

But sports (and news) still draws people in, according to new data from Inscape.

'Quiet Quitting' Trends Up With Cable/Satellite Subscribers

Cord-cutting may get the headlines, but there’s another audience trend making inroads: “Quiet quitting,” which is the focus of part of Inscape’s latest TV viewership trends report

Inscape examined U.S. households with a cable/satellite subscription and found that these “quiet quitters” were actually more prevalent than full quitters in Q2 2023. Looking at U.S. cable/satellite households, Inscape noted that 9% reduced their cable/satellite viewing by 75% or more from Q2 2022 to Q2 2023 (to account for viewing seasonality), but didn’t fully quit. Additionally, 8.4% of U.S. cable/satellite households had a drop of 50-75% in cable/satellite viewing time in Q2 2023 from Q2 2022.

But that being said, there are two genres that continue to draw audiences in with cable/satellite: sports and news programming. 

  • According to Inscape data, while streaming commands 56.5% of overall TV viewing time, that drops to 23.1% for sports and 14.7% for news. 
  • Cable/satellite/antenna, meanwhile, accounts for 43.5% of overall TV viewing time, but dominates in sports (76.9%) and news (85.3%).
  • Just 5% of U.S. cable/satellite households quit viewing entirely on those sources in Q2 2023. 

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