Peacock's Olympic-Sized Bet On Subscriber Loyalty

Peacock's Olympic-Sized Bet On Subscriber Loyalty
Photo by Luca Dugaro / Unsplash

The following is a selection from Brandon Katz of Parrot Analytics.

Peacock is instituting a $2 price increase in July, ahead of the Summer Olympics in Paris – which is not a new strategy for streaming services, as the hope is the events drive subscriber acquisition that stays beyond the timeline of the premium programming. To that end, Parrot Analytics’ Pricing Framework provides a sense of streaming library value within the context of its price relative to rivals in the marketplace.

  • Today, Peacock Premium Plus and Paramount+ with Showtime cost the same amount ($11.99/month). Disney+ boasts roughly the same level of demand for its library as the upper tier of Paramount, but costs $2 more, creating a value imbalance for consumers.
  • Once Peacock Premium Price lifts its prices by $2, it will cost as much as Disney+ but garner less overall catalog demand until the Olympics and fall sports' return, which should even things out.
  • But as of Q1 2024, it still ranked last month the major streamers in U.S. audience demand share for originals and relies on linear programming to generate nearly 75% of its audience demand. 

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