New TV Advertiser: Fi Collars

New TV Advertiser: Fi Collars data reveals a recent newcomer to the national TV advertising scene: Fi Collars, which began airing its spot “Not Just a Dog” on Oct. 24. A little more about the pet care brand’s recent push:

  • Fi Collars, established in 2017, had never advertised on national TV before Oct. 24, 2022, when it debuted “Not Just a Dog” on the Travel channel during Beyond the Unknown: Dueling Mammoths, Stanford Prison Experiment and MIT Blackjack
  • As of Nov. 2, this spot has aired over 600 times and been seen primarily on First Take (9.19% TV ad impressions share), The First 48 (5.87% impressions share) and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (4.21%)
  • Fi has spent a little over $250K on TV ad placements, generating 36.6 million TV ad impressions in the week and a half since the campaign kicked off.