Netflix (Sort Of) Embraces More Data Transparency

Netflix (Sort Of) Embraces More Data Transparency
Photo by Venti Views / Unsplash

This week, Netflix released mid-year global viewership data for the first time, and while it made headlines, it also amounted to a lot of nothing. For starters, it's self-reported data. But also, the report leans on hours watched at a global scale – so the results naturally trend toward longer titles (especially shows over movies), and titles that are available in the most countries.

Given the heavy emphasis on multi-season shows near the top of the list as well, it's conceivable that simply being served the next season of a show when you've completed one also helps.

  • Netflix still has a specific interest in certain original shows appearing high in these rankings – much like its weekly looks – so it's not shedding light on a whole lot of "new" information.
  • By going global here, instead of looking at geographic segments or demographics in those various geographies, it really isn't giving advertisers anything to work with.
  • While the very top of the charts focus on originals, there's still plenty of licensed content that is well-watched, too: Specifically, kids programming like Cocomelon and Paw Patrol (though those don't serve as much value to advertisers and are a commentary on just leaving the TV on for kids).
(via Bloomberg)