May's Top Rx Pharma Brands by TV Ad Spend

With $32.8 million in estimated national TV ad spend, Rinvoq was the biggest spender during the month.

May's Top Rx Pharma Brands by TV Ad Spend
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

Rinvoq, AbbVie's JAK inhibitor, was the No. 1 pharmaceutical brand by estimated TV ad spend for May, according to data recently shared with FiercePharma. It shelled out an estimated $32.8 million across three TV ads during the month, and increase from its April outlay of $28.6 million.

Some additional insights around TV ads for the top pharma brands in May:

  • In total, the top ten brands spent an estimated $201.1 million on national TV ads, a sizable increase from April's $177.3 million.
  • Skyrizi, another AbbVie brand that was the top spender for April, drops to third place in May with an estimated national TV ad spend of $28.4 million.
  • Month-over-month newcomers to the top ten included Ozempic, which came in at No. 6 (est. $15.7 million) and Lybalvi (No. 10, est. $12.4 million).