Detroit Lions Social Video Audiences Are Hungry Shoppers

Detroit Lions Social Video Audiences Are Hungry Shoppers
Photo by Mika Brandt / Unsplash

It's been a breakout season for the long-suffering Detroit Lions, who won their first playoff game in 32 years this past Sunday. And along with eating up plenty of videos about their favorite football team, Lions social video audiences have also been busy shopping this season. But for what, exactly?

Consumer insights data from Tubular Labs sheds additional light on what product categories Lions fans are shopping for most on Amazon over the past six months.

  • Lions social video audiences were 122.0x more likely than the norm to shop for memorabilia display cases; ironic given Detroit's lack of trophy wins in the Super Bowl era.
  • Perhaps in related results, Lions audiences were also heavy shoppers for powder-actuated tools (93.7x more than the norm) and cast & wound covers (92.8x).
  • Fittingly, Detroit fans were also getting supplies for game-watching, including dips and spreads (77.5x more than the norm).

Insights like these can help inform sponsorship decisions for the Lions, while also telling brands where social video ad dollars and partnerships could be directed.