Kraft-ing A Commercial Identity With Music

Songtradr data reveals how The Kraft Heinz Company utilizes music to stand out across its many brands.

Kraft-ing A Commercial Identity With Music

The Kraft Heinz Company is a CPG giant, and a major TV advertiser. But in a sea of ads for food items, in particular, how can any brand stand out?

One way: Opting for the right music to fit the brand and the way it wants customers to feel while using (or in Kraft’s case, eating) the product.

Across its various brands, Kraft emphasizes energy and excitement about the product – but importantly, also hits on a youthful approach – especially when it comes to brands that children may express an affinity for.

  • Kraft Cheese employs Andy Grammer's "Back Home" in their recent "Find a Way Back Home" ad. The song effectively conveys energy (84 out of 100), danceability (62), and valence/reactiveness (62), as revealed by Songtradr data. Notably, the song's exclusivity in Kraft's marketing contributes to its affinity. Since its March debut, the ad has boosted the song's Spotify popularity from 56 to 63, with nearly 2.4 million streams during this period.
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese's ad features Irma Thomas's "Take a Look" for an energetic dream sequence, while Heinz Ketchup's newer spot uses Chris Knox's "It's Love" for playful fun. "It's Love," exclusively chosen for the Heinz ad, boosts its Spotify popularity from 15 to 25, benefiting both artist and brand affinity.

Kraft's choice of energetic and distinctive songs, exclusive to their ads, establishes brand affinity and drives Spotify popularity, showcasing their effective selection process.