Hyundai Owns Most-Seen Auto Ad on TV Right Now

With 220.4 million TV ad impressions, Hyundai leads's ranking of the most-seen auto ads for Mar. 13-19.

Hyundai Owns Most-Seen Auto Ad on TV Right Now
Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist / Unsplash

According to data shared with WardsAuto, Hyundai tops the list of the most-seen auto ads recently. The spot, a promotion for the automaker's "Getaway Sales Event," generated 220.4 million TV ad impressions Mar. 13-19, with an estimated national TV ad spend of $1.2 million — notably the lowest outlay of the five ads on the ranking.

  • Chevrolet (209.5 million TV ad impressions), Dodge (191.3 million), Jeep (186.2 million) and Buick (178.9 million) round out the chart.
  • Notably, Buick's commercial for the '23 Envision had the highest estimated TV ad spend ($4.6 million) of the five but the fewest airings (147). One reason: Buick zeroed in on high-priced March Madness action, with 42% of its airings occurring during women’s college basketball games and 38% during men’s basketball.
  • According to iSpot’s Creative Assessment, the Jeep ad "Bear Hunt" ad scored above the auto industry norm for likability and desire.