How One Automaker Cut Over $2 Million In Wasted TV Ad Spend

How One Automaker Cut Over $2 Million In Wasted TV Ad Spend
Photo by Carles Rabada / Unsplash

iSpot recently released a case study about how it worked with an automotive brand to analyze engagement and reach of their TV ads. By identifying underperforming publishers on linear and streaming platforms, they cut over $2 million from upfront media buys. This led to more efficient ad spending, boosting campaign effectiveness and maximizing ROAS.

  • The brand closely collaborated with their agency to gauge ad effectiveness utilizing iSpot’s person-level measurement and Attention Analytics KPIs like Attention Index and Interruption Rate – across linear, digital and streaming audio channels.
  • While the majority of linear and streaming publishers were still efficiently hitting KPIs, over 20% weren't, which helped educate decisions to optimize ad spend.
  • The brand was able to refine its selection of DSPs by identifying partners who performed better than others across four of the five KPIs identified, and the data-driven approach helped the brand enter negotiations more informed, resulting in over $2 million in savings and reduced ad waste through a more selective media buy.