How Connected TV Relates To Shopping Behaviors

How Connected TV Relates To Shopping Behaviors
Photo by Jezael Melgoza / Unsplash

As connected TV audiences keep growing, advertiser activity in CTV environments grows, too. New research from LG Ad Solutions sheds light on shoppable opportunities within CTV, and consumer behaviors related to CTV viewing and TV ads.

  • 90% of consumers use a TV that's connected to the internet, showcasing how large the potential audience is for CTV advertising; and 59% of CTV users prefer free streaming with ads.
  • Over 80% of CTV users find their shopping decisions are influenced by TV ads, and 63% often discover new brands and products via TV ads.
  • Additionally, 47% have made a purchase after seeing a TV ad – not necessarily through shoppable ads, but there's a correlation between ad viewing and shopping behaviors.