How Cheetos and Other Brands Are Mastering the Art of Influencer Marketing on TikTok

New research from CreatorIQ reveals best practices that build awareness, revenue and affinity for food and beverage brands

How Cheetos and Other Brands Are Mastering the Art of Influencer Marketing on TikTok

With over 1 billion monthly active users — 90% of whom visit every day* — TikTok has become a critical space for brands looking to connect with consumers throughout their purchase journey.  Creator-led marketing on the platform has opened a new frontier for brands to expand awareness, build revenue and engage more effectively with customers.

In the new report TikTok Marketing Best Practices For Food & Beverage Brands, CreatorIQ — TikTok's first official SaaS Creator Marketing partner — examines how Cheetos, OLIPOP and Chobani are motivating creators to endorse their products on TikTok, and measures the outcomes of specific campaigns.

Here are a few highlights, and you can download the full report here.

Cheetos uses fun food challenge to spur creator-led content

  • To market their new spicy flavor, Cheetos started a social campaign #CheetosReaperReactions to get food lovers to film their rapid reactions
  • The hashtag became the leading tag for the brand on TikTok and generated $38.6 million earned media value (EMV).

OLIPOP gives creator partners artistic freedom to improve authenticity

  • OLIPOP worked with CreatorIQ to identify and curate creators for their next partnership campaign via creator information and custom questionnaires, and matched creators to specific campaign goals. Identifying the right targets and allowing them to go off script gave way to big payoffs.
  • #OLIPOPPartner hashtags dramatically outperformed those tagged with the secondary campaign term, #OLIPOP.
  • The TikTok campaign generated $25.4M EM (that’s 62% of the brand’s total EMV and 1.8K% more than last year)

Chobani mobilizes creators via competitive cross-platform campaign

  • Chobani worked with Roblox to create “Chobani Oatmilk Cosmic Race” — a race in Roblox universe that took players across the virtual galaxy delivering Chobani Oatmilk to various planets
  • Players took the experience from Roblox to TikTok for post-game content with the hashtag #CatchChobaniOatmilk.
  • As a result of the campaign, Chobani accrued $33.2M EMV, a 278% YoY improvement, and doubled its creator community (which contributed to a 75% YoY increase in post volume).

*Source: TikTok