Haribo's 'Football Chat' Matches Reruns With Positive Purchase Intent

Haribo's 'Football Chat' Matches Reruns With Positive Purchase Intent
Photo by Amit Lahav / Unsplash

Since debuting during this year's Grammy Awards, Haribo's "Football Chat" has focused primarily on reruns. Since its debut, iSpot data shows that nearly 77% of "Football Chat" impressions have come during rerun programming – led by popular syndicated shows like Friends, NCIS and Everybody Loves Raymond.

The ad isn't just getting significant reach, however. It's also proven to be a hit with audiences.

  • iSpot Creative Assessment data shows that the spot's earning 4% more attention than the average candy & gum ad since its debut, and is 5% more likeable.
  • It also scored very high for "funny" among those surveyed, which likely helped fuel some significantly positive purchase intent: The ad was one of just five candy & gum ads to debut this year and score a 70% or higher in terms of positive purchase intent.
  • The ad was No. 5 by positive purchase intent, and No. 2 by those that said the ad made them "much more" likely to purchase the product (44.3% of responses).
  • Haribo's combined the popular and effective ad creative with significant reach to maximize results for "Football Chat." The ad is the most-seen candy & gum ad of the year so far, with double the household TV ad impressions of the next most-seen ad.