Football’s Footprint Grows For TV Ad Reach in 2023

Football’s Footprint Grows For TV Ad Reach in 2023
Photo by Dave Adamson / Unsplash

Somehow the football, which already utterly dominates TV viewing, managed to grow its ad impressions year-over-year, according to iSpot’s recent 2023 TV Transparency Report. The NFL delivered 7.9% more TV ad impressions year-over-year, while more national TV college football games led to an impressive 20.3% impressions jump vs. 2022. 

  • Five of the top 10 programs by share of impressions were sports-related, with NFL and college football taking first and second place, respectively. 
  • Dick Wolf juggernaut Law & Order: Special Victims Unit took third place with a 1.25% impressions share of voice. 
  • Although it didn’t make the top ten ranking, House Hunters grew TV ad impressions by a notable 154% year-over-year, thanks to HGTV doubling down on airings of both new and old episodes. 

For more TV advertising insights, download iSpot’s full 2023 report here.