Jason Kelce Helps Drive Eagles' Video Popularity

Jason Kelce Helps Drive Eagles' Video Popularity
Photo by Evan Brockett / Unsplash

The Los Angeles Chargers' team account generated more YouTube views than any NFL franchise this season. But at the league level, the NFL's own published videos presented a different story. As Tubular Labs data shows:

  • Of the top 20 YouTube videos published by the NFL this season, six prominently featured the Philadelphia Eagles or Eagles players – most notably, Jason Kelce, who was specifically highlighted in three of them.
  • The NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys also proved popular for NFL videos, appearing in four of the top 20 (including one with Dolly Parton).
  • Official game highlights were a winning formula for the NFL, with 11 of the 20 most-watched YouTube videos being packaged game clips (No. 1 there was the first game of the year, interestingly, between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions).