E! News Increasing Footprint With Female Audiences

E! News Increasing Footprint With Female Audiences
Photo by David Vives / Unsplash

There are tons of content partnership and ad opportunities out there for brands trying to reach women age 25 and older. But for those looking for the biggest reach, entertainment giant E! News is one of the biggest – and still growing – games in town. Data from Tubular Labs sheds light on the entertainment creator's recent social video rise:

  • In the U.S., unique female viewers age 25 and up hit a peak of 17.0 million in March across Facebook and YouTube – more than double its total from last March.
  • That was an increase of 27% month-over-month as audiences tuned into Oscars content, buut it was also the fourth consecutive month that E! News added unique female viewers in that age range.
  • Across YouTube and Facebook, that group also watched 34% more minutes of content month-over-month, climbing to 31.7 million in March.