Dupixent Was TV's Most-Seen Rx or OTC Brand in June

The eczema and asthma drug had a 4.57% impressions share of voice.

Dupixent Was TV's Most-Seen Rx or OTC Brand in June
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

Dupixent, a drug for eczema and asthma, topped iSpot's June ranking of over-the-counter and prescription drugs by impressions share of voice (SOV). It was also No. 1 in May. The brand had a 4.57% impressions SOV with an estimated national TV ad spend of $21.4 million for the month.

Some additional insights around the most-seen OTC/Rx brands for June:

  • Skyrizi was a close second place, with ads for its Crohn’s disease, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis drugs receiving a 4.37% impressions SOV. It also had a higher estimated national ad spend than Dupixent — $26.6 million.
  • Claritin and Allegra were the only over-the-counter medications to make the top ten, coming in at No. 6 (2.53%) and No. 8 (2.05%), respectively.
  • Broadcast networks delivered top impressions SOV for all of the top ten brands except for Novo Nordisk, which saw its largest network SOV (13.80%) come from Fox News.

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