Dodge Leads Ranking of the Most-Seen Auto TV Ads

A spot for the new Hornet takes first place, but Subaru is the brand with the highest total combined TV ad impressions from two of the five most-seen spots, per

Dodge Leads Ranking of the Most-Seen Auto TV Ads
Photo by iStrfry , Marcus / Unsplash

With 189.3 million national TV ad impressions, a high-octane spot promoting the Dodge Hornet takes first place on’s ranking of most-seen auto TV ads for April 3-9. Dodge has increased its investment in this ad recently, with an 812% week-over-week jump in impressions, an 85% increase in estimated TV ad spend and a whopping 1,488% increase in ad airings.

  • For the second week in a row, Ram’s “Have Heart” spot lands at No. 2, although its 168.9 million TV ad impressions constitute a 3% week-over-week decrease.
  • Subaru’s third- and fifth-place spots combine for over 306.3 million TV ad impressions.
  • Chevrolet’s “Big Life,” which takes fifth place, had the highest national TV ad spend (est. $3.1 million) and was the only ad in the top five that aired during the NCAA men’s college basketball championship game.